Saudi Auto Deals is an online marketplace for new cars of multi-brands and allows its visitors to benefit from the high expertise of the sales consultants team, which will help them compare various cars and buy the optimal car according to their desires.

Saudi Auto Deals site offers new car sales with complete ease, and the site is a comprehensive guide through which it is possible to display technical reports and driving test s for the offered cars, prepared and exclusive to the Saudi Auto group.

The site is designed in an easy and organized way so that it helps the customer to browse the site and see all the types of cars offered with ease and clarity, in both Arabic and English.

The site provides an advanced search feature for any car the customer wants to buy, in addition to the feature of comparing a group of cars according to the customer’s choice.

Certainly, we can provide any type of car if it is available at the main agent. All you have to do is fill out the purchase order form and leave all the data, and our specialized team will contact the agent and follow up on the possibility of providing the car and get back to you with all details.

Or, you can contact us at 050 566 0228

Yes, you can order more than one car at the same time.

Follow our social media accounts, Saudi Auto Deals is regularly offering free delivery service to all our customers in all cities of the Kingdom.

Saudi Auto Deals team will make sure to complete the car delivery process within days after the purchase order and complete all procedures for issuing the plates and the form, taking into account the availability of the required car in stock at the time of reservation.

In all cases, the customer will be made clear during the purchase process about the availability of the required car in the warehouse or the possibility of providing it and the time required to deliver it.

The value of new cars purchased cannot be refunded if the plates and the registration form are issued.

Yes, there is a list of banks and financing companies that provide facilities for the installment process to the customer according to his/her financial situation. Saudi Auto Deals team will be keen to provide advice in choosing the best solution for installment through the available channels for that.

Our customers will be provided with all the data of the main agent of the car, through which he must communicate with him and coordinate with a closer visit. You can visit his nearest maintenance center to check the defect and do the necessary according to the warranty requirements provided by the agent.

Saudi Auto Deals website has several advantages as follows:

  1. The management and team of Saudi Auto Deals are keen to provide the best car buying experience through its website.
  2. Providing a wide range of cars of different makes and models, which enables the customer to take advice from the team’s experts in choosing the appropriate car technically and financially.
  3. Ensure to provide any car at the best price and features.
  4. Immediate follow-up with the customer at all stages of sale until receiving the car.